Bandi - Blue
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Bandi - Blue

Price per Unit (piece): $9.99

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What is  BANDI?

Very often, we are playing games on our mobile devices, taking, photos and videos, and most of all, we can't stop talking!!!
With the BANDI you'll feel practically hands free, and be able to multi-task even when holding your smart phone.
The BANDI is a simple silicon band, with a ring on top, that will make your life easier every day!
A fair warning- once you use BANDI, you can't stop!!

Why you need BANDI?

*BANDI protects your phone, if it falls, the silicon around it will get hit first, and will protect your screen from breaking.
*you can use BANDI with your existing cover or without it. No need to change the cover you love so much!!

*BANDI is so light, and easy to carry, it fits in your pocket ,and is easy to put on and take off.

*BANDI  comes in many colors ,and gives your phone a new look!

*it is so cheap, you can change colors everyday!
*many times, our kids take the phone, now we can relax, thanks to the ring and the silicon bands, the chances the phone will fall are so much smaller!
*one of the common problems with our smartphone, is the  charging cables are just too short, and there is nowhere to put your phone while charging, now you can hang your phone right on the charger! *with BANDI it is easier to take photos, text or talk, simply stick your fingers under the band, and feel the difference yourself!
*BANDI can be hanged almost everywhere, it can be attached in the gym, on your stroller, bicycles, shopping cart, on your belt and many more…

*can be used as keychain

*BANDI can hold bills and credit cards,

*one of the most important uses for BANDI is that while driving, you will never need to take your hands off the wheel so you are always safe !

*Bandi comes with a clip, specially designed for your car A/C, so you can place your phone right in-sight while driving. Always safe!

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USPS / FedEx / UPS
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