Tabi - T1
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Tabi - T1

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TABI allows you to hang and hold tablets and smartphones vertically and horizontally according to your needs.

Tabi is made of two parts:
1) A "body": head, arms and legs made of strong metal, covered in silicone.
2) An elastic fabric that connects the head and arms with the legs.

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* The Tabi's purposes:

1) Protection for your phone or tablet

2) It is convenient to carry due to the hook on top of the product, so even your children can hold it safely. (Sigh of relief)

3) The flexible material allows you to bend the hook and turn it into a stable phone or tablet mount for watching movies, Skype conversations and playing games. (How did we function before?!?!)

4) You can hang it on the back of the car seats while you're driving so your children can watch movies and play games during the journey. (Mmmmmm... That blessed silence.)

5) You can hang it in the kitchen while you're cooking to refer to recipes and listen to music or chat on Skype. (Your life before vs Your life after)

6) Imagine sitting on the beach / on a train / on a bus / on a plane/ camping out being able to hang your tablet or phone practically ANYWHERE for your convenience.

(Great huh?) :)

7) What about a selfie? Can't get the right angle? Scared your grip isn't strong enough? Simply slide your hand under the belt and you'll instantly feel the difference. (You owe it to yourself to try).

8) Tabi can also hold a book and prevent the pages from blowing in the wind. (a whole new experience of reading. Total bliss).


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